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Oxford walks


I am possibly interested in these walks but how do I nullify giving any personal data to Doodle. Their pages for the management of Cookies is not very clear. Hwyl - Trefor Wiliams


By the look of it @trefor-williams the only way to get rid of cookies is via your browser settings - I did a search in my browser settings and it came up with three cookies. If you can’t find them on yours or you can’t access the Doodle poll after dealing with them, jut send me a PM with your choices and I can factor them in or maybe even include them in the poll under a false name/ffug enw


With my apologies for such short notice :slightly_frowning_face:, our first June walk+sgwrs is going to be tomorrow, Sat 5th June in Port Meadow. We’ll be meeting up at midday by the southern Port Meadow car park (see page 6 of pdf in post ten days ago).
Let us know if you’re planning to join us so we can keep an eye open for you, or if you have any questions
PS We should be able to provide much more notice of the next walks :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m afraid that my maybe for tomorrow has now turned into a not available! Enjoy the meadow and hopefully I’ll be free for a later walk.


Diolch Chris - hope you can make the next one


Diolch @ruth-connor @owen-mcknight @RichardBuck Jenni & y plantos for such an enjoyable walk+sgwrs in the Port Meadow sunshine yesterday :sunny: .
By any chance, did anyone get any photos for this or the What’s outside threads (as usual I forgot! :roll_eyes:)?

PS At the moment there are still quite a few people who have yet to complete the Doodle Poll, but, looking at the results so far, the most promising dates for future walks this month seem to be Sun 13th, Sat 19th, Sun 20th, Mon 21st, Sat 26th - maybe that will change, though, once a few more people have ‘Doodled’ …


I think we all enjoyed the cygnets and goslings! And it looks as if the dragonfly we saw at Wolvercote Lakes might have been a broad-bodied chaser.


We can’t beat Owen’s animals but the green wall on the way back home was pretty cool.


That’s quite something! Was it in Roger Dudman Way? Looks very much like it but, if it is, it must be the bit which was covered in scaffolding the last time I saw it - must have another trip down that way!


Yes it was. It was a lovely quiet walk. With the bonus of a few trains going past :grin:


Looks as if next Sunday, 13th June, is going to be the best date for our next walk ticked in the Doodle poll by @owen-mcknight, @Adamc, Richard Williams, Linda Murphy and me (@trefor-williams you said you might be interested in joining us depending on the day). That said, is a midday start OK for everyone and are there any preferences from the route suggestions I posted earlier

… or alternative suggestions?
PS After Sunday, one day the following weekend 19th or 20th and the Saturday after that, 26th are likely to be the dates of the next walks :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! For this coming Sunday, I’ll defer to other people about the route (because different people are coming) and timings (because I’m waiting for confirmation of another commitment that day). At the moment I can also make Sunday 20th.


hey. i have to take my girlfriend to get her vaccine on sunday but i’ll keep my eyes peeled for future dates! enjoy


Dim probs, Adam - thanks for letting us know!


Helo bawb - for our walk this Sunday, 13th June, I think a midday start and the Headington to Sidlings Copse route is likely to be the best option for those who can make it (Linda Murphy, Richard Williams, me and maybe @owen-mcknight - also, @trefor-williams, do you think you might be able to join us? Anyone else? Partners and plantos welcome whether or not they have any Welsh)

Let’s meet up in the South West corner of Bury Knowle Park just inside the entrance by the bus stop.

PS Here’s a reminder of the route and let me know if you have any questions (or if I’ve forgotten anything :slightly_smiling_face:)

Oxford Welsh learners group

Gwych! My Sunday commitment has been cancelled so I’ll be glad to join you in Bury Knowle Park at midday.


We’re seeing family this Sunday, but I’ll get round to the Doodle poll ASAP with the aim of joining in another time.


A beautifully warm and sunny day :sunny::sunglasses: today (Sun 13) and not too late to join our lunchtime walk today from Headington-Sydlings Copse (spelt it correctly this time! :roll_eyes:) if you would like to (see above for details) :slightly_smiling_face:

For next weekend’s walk Sat 19th June seems the best choice, when @mohinigupta, @Adamc, Linda Murphy and I should be able to make it and maybe @Betterlatethan as well. More details later

Oxford Welsh learners group

Diolch @johnwilliams_6 - next Sunday 19th June should be good. Any possibility of planning this in Port Meadow? :smiley:


Whoops - Saturday, 19th June. See you all soon hopefully!