Oxford walks


I’m afraid this weekend has already arrived with commitments, and next weekend is filled with children’s parties. (And the weekend after that, I’m in Wales! Hurrah!)


Is anyone up for a October walk+sgwrs on Sat 20th? If not, the previous or following weekends, or even some weekdays, might also be possibilities.
Let me know if you think you might be interested.
Hwyl, John


Having heard at today’s meetup about plantos asking to go for a walk(!), maybe it’s timely to give a bump to plans for an October walk? :slight_smile:. What do you think @cat-1 @RichardBuck @rebecca @ramblingjohn @janjones_1 ?


We couldn’t make the next 2 weekends but this weekend might be possible … will check!


Update … my son has not been well so I don’t think a walk is going to be possible today :frowning: Sorry for the late notice - hope anyone going along has fun and lots of sgwrs!


OK, diolch @rebecca - hope your son’s feeling better soon!

As for the walk, haven’t heard from the others yet, so looks as if it was only going to be ti a fi for today, but in case another day might work for them I’ll re-bump the October walk post for @cat-1 @RichardBuck @ramblingjohn @janjones_1, and also @rachaelseculer-faber @Laura_P_87 @s-coates1 (with apologies for omitting the three of you the first time):


PS … and while I’m about it, for next month’s walk I’m going to suggest the weekend of 17 or 24 November. Let me know, pawb, if you think either weekend might work for you, also if you have any questions or suggestions.
Hwyl, John


Unfortunately we’re going to London for a child’s birthday party on the 20th. The following Saturday might be a possibility, if anyone else is up for it. I can’t think as far ahead as November right now…


Any particular child, or are you just going to see what’s available when you get there?.. :wink: :joy:


Well, a niece, ideally, but I’m open to suggestions :slight_smile:


My son is fine, thank you @johnwilliams_6 - just a mysterious rash that thankfully amounted to nothing and disappeared just as mysteriously! The next couple of weekends are out for us (my children have busier social lives than I do) and there will be a Sir Benfro jaunt one weekend in November, but hopefully we’ll make it along some time soon!


Unfortunately had to cancel a trip to Wales this month :sob: so I can add next weekend of the 10th as a possibility for a November walk and either a Saturday or a Sunday for any of those weekends.
How about it @cat-1 @RichardBuck @rebecca @ramblingjohn @Laura_P_87 @s-coates1 @rachaelseculer-faber @janjones_1 and anyone else interested ?


Sorry, i’m of to wales on Monday, would have been a surprise if our paths had crossed.

Cheers J.P.


Mwynhau J.P.! - I shall be looking forward to more of your ffwng ffotos on the ‘What’s outside’ thread :slight_smile:


Hi John
Currently I could do the weekend of 17/18th, either Safurday or Sunday.
Kind regards


Is anyone else interested in the possibility of a walk+sgwrs on Sat 17 or Sun 18 Nov? @cat-1? @RichardBuck? @rebecca? @Laura_P_87? @s-coates1?@rachaelseculer-faber? Let me know if you are :slight_smile:
Hwyl, John


Linda Murphy has emailed to say she could make Sun 25th so that could another possibility…


Looks as if no-one else can make this weekend @janjones_1, I’m afraid.

Is anyone up for the alternative possible walk date of Sun 25th? And it’s not too early to think about organising something in December - weekends before Xmas may be too busy for people, but perhaps a walk in the fresh air some time between Xmas and the New Year might work? Let me know, pawb, what you think.
Hwyl, John


We’re trying to arrange another walk out in the fresh air during the Xmas holidays so I’ve set up a Doodle poll for anyone interested to try and fix a date - see https://forum.saysomethingin.com/t/oxford-welsh-learners-group/675/1096 for the link to the poll.


A quick bump for the proposed Xmas holidays walk

A direct link to the Doodle poll here to vote for a date between 27 Dec & 6 Jan: