Oxford walks


Yes! I’m very much on track for a Thursday walk! Jo is too, barring drama…:pray:
Dorothy has come through her op like a machine and will be back at school by then, so as long as we can finish our walk and get back by three, we’d love to come!
Brechdanau a fflasg o de!


That’s great! Good for Dot - hope she did get to enjoy some, at least, of the experience as much as she was hoping!:confused:
Let me know @cat-1 when you and Jo would be able to set off from home - and you too @RichardBuck - and I’ll try and come up with a plan to make sure everyone can get back by three.


We would be able to set off between half nine and ten.
If it is not too hot a day, would Shreddie the Welsh Speaking Dog be welcome to join in? I shan’t ask if the pony can come as well…
I’m not sure Dot had time to appreciate her experience - we were only there for four and a half hours, and she was in the land of Nod for some of that! I think the fact that she can both hear and smell is taking some getting used to! :joy:


I’m glad that Dot got through it well. Good for her!

Oxford Welsh learners group

Yes, very happy for Shreddie the Welsh Speaking Dog (Cynhiniwr? :slight_smile:) to join us, if others hoping to come along don’t mind.


I’m thinking of a couple of possibilities for Thursdays walk:

  • Beckley/Otmoor area - mostly out in the open
  • Bernwood Forest (about 4km E of Beckley) - mostly wooded
    Let me know if you have any preferences (or indeed alternative suggestions! :slight_smile:)
    Hwyl, John


Both sound good, but I vote for the wooded area if it’s still monstrously sunny and hot. If it is hurling it down with rain (you know it’s coming, just who knows when) then I have no preference! :grinning:

Oxford Welsh learners group

Let’s go for Bernwood Forest then - how does meeting up there at 10:30am sound?
The red arrow on the map shows the entrance ot the parking area and its location in relation to Beckley


10.30 sounds perfect for us! See you tomorrow! :grinning:


Dear all - Henry has just returned from hospital having (brace yourselves) ripped off an entire fingernail and some fingery bits by getting his hand caught in a bike wheel! :anguished:
He needs ferrying up to Plastics tomorrow at the JR.
Can you believe it?
Could he not have waited one more day before his acrobatics? (Promise I’m full of wifely concern really…)
So, YET AGAIN, I’m not going to be there. Sorry troops :disappointed:


Oh, that’s bad luck @cat-1 eto! … and poor Henry! - I’m assuming that means Jo won’t be joining us either.
@RichardBuck are you still planning to come on the walk? Are either of you @rebecca or @janjones_1 planning to join us? Hopefully I’m not going to be the only one there! :worried:


I’m still planning on coming – but it’d be nice if we were more numerous. Poor @cat-1!


OK, diolch @RichardBuck - see you there, then


Oh, God, poor him - I had a fingernail ripped off by a train door in Germany once, and it remains one of my top 2 or 3 ‘no, that hurt too much even for me to remember it, in fact ouch ouch thinking about remembering it is now hurting too much’ moments…


He’s off to the Nuffield now to have the rest of the nail taken off. Don’t mind admitting that just thinking about it makes me clench my toes and wince with one eye shut. :fearful:


Oh dear, poor Henry - I hope they pumped him full of anaesthetic and pain-killers


All done! He has broken it and cut it down to the bone :grimacing: OUCH!
They’ve removed the nail and stitched him up, and now the numbness is wearing off…
From now on he will be known as Mr Co-codamol!


First, a belated diolch i @RichardBuck for the sgwrs on our July Bernwood Forest walk.

Well, now the Eisteddfod’s over, time to think about possibilities for a walk this month.
Let me know if you might be interested and what day or days might suit (as things stand at the moment, I could probably fit in with whatever day in August works for people, weekend or weekday).

Hwyl, John


No takers so far, but do let me know if you think you might be interested in a walk+sgwrs over the next couple of weeks through to the first weekend in September (mid-morning onwards at the weekend or 2pm onwards on most weekdays for the remainder of the month could work for me)


Last minute bump to see if anyone can make a walk+sgwrs this weekend, and the following weekend’s also a possibility. After that doesn’t look as if I could fit one in before mid-October - do please post a message though if you can do a September walk and let’s see if there might be others interested :slight_smile:
Hwyl, John