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Well, my plans for this weekend have just been postponed by a couple of weeks which means that now I can make Sun 15th after all

Oxford Welsh learners group

Hi @chris-roberts @rachaelseculer-faber - unless you’ve had any further thoughts shall we settle on Chiswell Valley for the walk on Sun 15th, meeting up midday in Hinksey Park car park? Probably Clive, Linda and @hannah-26 who’s new will be joining us


Sounds good. Anyone mind whether I bring my dog friend?


I’m still happy with that. Also happy with a dog friend. Croeso i’r grŵp @hannah-26 .


Thanks for the welcome!

I’m dreadfully sorry to say that I’m feeling quite unwell today, and with the ongoing pandemic it seems irresponsible to meet up with people in case I’ve caught something. My sincerest apologies, but I hope you have a lovely walk, and I will be looking forward to the next meetup I can attend!


No problem Hannah - I do hope you haven’t caught anything nasty :worried: Get well soon! We’ll be looking forward to seeing you when you can make it
Cofion gorau, John


Helo bawb - there’s a now new September Doodle poll now to choose dates for next month’s walks.
Today we had an enjoyable walk+sgwrs to Chilswell Valley (a diolch @chris-roberts @rachaelseculer-faber am eich cwmi a sgwrs), and there remains the possibility of another walk this month, by the way (the August Doodle is still available if you’d like to vote or to make changes).
Hwyl a chadw’n saff,


Some time ago we talked about a possible walk round Abingdon. I never say that I am available on Sundays because I am in the shop until 1.30-ish, but I think I could make it to Abingdon by about 2pm if the buses run well. If anyone is interested in exploring Abingdon then I could suggest a route. Pretty much any Sunday would be OK for me.


If we decide to walk round Abingdon, then I suggest meeting in the Abbey Close car park. That’s just beyond Waitrose, in front of the Vale of White Horse offices. There is a bike rack just outside, in Abbey Close. To the best of my belief, parking is free on Sundays. If the car park should be full, there is another car park just beyond the Waitrose car park, off Thames View.
I am attaching a map and description (in English) of the suggested walk.
Round Abingdon 4 miles.pdf (570.1 KB)
PS Not 19 Sept. It’s Abingdon Open Doors and there might be a lot of people parking.


Only 5 of us have completed the September Doodle but at the moment it’s looking like Sun Sept 5th’s going to be the best date for the next walk and maybe Sue’s Abingdon walk (above) would be a good choice?


Sun Sept 5th at 2pm is OK for me.


Who can come on Sunday 5th? @chris-roberts? @johnwilliams_6? Anyone else?


There are several who ticked the 5th in the Doodle poll


I’m afraid I’m working on Sunday :frowning:


That emoji seems to look more shocked or startled, but it was supposed to be a sad one!


I stupidly looked at the wrong date on the poll. What about @hannah-26? @rachaelseculer-faber? @owen-mcknight?


Always happy to come to Abingdon but I may not know till the weekend what I’m doing on Sunday!


According to the Vale of White Horse DC website, on Sunday parking isn’t free in the Abbey Close car park itself at the far end of Abbey Close, but it is free in in the Civic (arrowed) and Cattle Market car parks, both also in Abbey Close (very confusing! :confused:), and in the Audlett Drive car park:


How confusing. I looked at the signs on the Pay and Display boards in the Cattle Market car park and in what I have always called the Abbey Close car park, but now seems to be called the Civic Car Park. (never heard of it!) I don’t know what they call the Abbey Close car park now. Anyway, there is free parking in at least some car parks in Abbey Close on Sundays. Aim for the giant brick Vale of the White Horse building.

edited to add
Light dawns. They mean the car park by the river, which indeed is not free on Sundays. Bear left past the entrance to Waitrose and to the roundabout. Not right.



Helo bawb - if anyone should need one, I can offer a lift :red_car: from central Oxford for our Abingdon walk+sgwrs on Sun 5th (NB the 2pm start this time) :slightly_smiling_face:
Hwyl, John