Oxford walks


I think that looks interesting, although longer than I’m likely to persuade the plant to try. I’m going to be busy the weekend of 13-14th, and possibly also 20-21st (I’ll need to check) so 6th or 27th might be best for me.


Diolch @RichardBuck - @cat-1 @rebecca @mikeellwood @ramblingjohn and anyone else who might be interested, I’ve just set up another Doodle poll to see which dates might work best for the January walk
By the way, do people find Doodle polls helpful or just an extra faff?

(Had to go to the Geiriadur yr Adademi to find the Cymraeg for ‘faff’ - was hoping it might be ‘ffaff’, but seems it’s ffwdanu. Another disappointment - it looked,on my PC screen anyway, as if the Gog & Hwntw words were:
stwnsianstwnapiltranponsio & ffwlffacanbwlffacan, but sadly turns out that spaces between alternative words hadn’t appeared :disappointed:, so for Gogs it’s: stwnsian, stwna, piltran, ponsio & for Hwntws: ffwlffacan & bwlffacan)


Stuff the spaces! Ffwlfficanbwlffican is the most awesome word ever and I’m adopting it NOW! :star2:
I rather like the doodle thing.


Post-Nadolig, a good time to think about blowing cobwebs (gweoedd ) away with a walk in the fresh air :slight_smile:, and time also we settled on a date for our January walk.
Could I ask you to click on dates (Doodle poll: https://doodle.com/poll/45wyyt7fu8ygn4p3) that would work for you @cat-1 @rebecca @ramblingjohn and anyone else who might be inrterested? @RichardBuck had already posted prior to the poll being set up [quote=“RichardBuck, post:81, topic:7540”]
I’m going to be busy the weekend of 13-14th, and possibly also 20-21st (I’ll need to check) so 6th or 27th might be best for me.
I’ve only included weekends in the poll but no reason why we can’t set up a walk on a weekday if that might work for people
Hwyl, John


Following this lunchtime’s meetup it looks as if Sat 27th might be the best choice for our January walk - Richard, I’d forgotten though that you’d also said that 20th or 21st might be possible. Let me know if you can confirm @cat-1 @rebecca @RichardBuck @ramblingjohn
See Dec 17 post above for the suggested route starting in Stonesfield (if it’s been too wet beforehand though we might need to substitute another route, e.g. the Blenheim Great Park route in the Nov 17 post to this thread)
Hwyl, John


Bit of a shock to realise 27th Jan, the suggested date for the next walk, is only 8 days away :worried:

Could you let me know if you’ll be able to make it @cat-1 @rebecca @RichardBuck @ramblingjohn - and apologies if you’ve already let me know this

Probably the Stonesfield route is going to be too wet at the moment, so Plan B for Blenheim looks like a better bet - alternative suggestions welcome though :slight_smile:

Hwyl, John


80% sure that we (i.e. me and the kids) can make it!


The walk planned for tomorrow (Sat 27th) is still on if there are enough people (i.e. more than just me :worried: - at the moment it seems there’s more than an even chance that @rebecca and @RichardBuck can make it :slight_smile:, but not @cat-1 and it doesn’t look as if @ramblingjohn can make it either :disappointed:). Would it work better for people if we made on Sunday instead? Let me know

Still open to last minute suggestions for the route before tomorrow (e.g. there’s an out & back route from Goring up to the Ridgeway which might be drier) - again, let me know - but the default plan is be to meet up in Woodstock at 12 noon outside the library next to the Hensington Rd car park and the follow this route.


Hi John – I’m still unsure about my foot today, I’m afraid, so don’t rely on me in terms of going ahead. If others are definite, I’ll still hope to join you, though.


Sorry J.W. i’m still trying to get a reasonable Saturday on the coast for migrant birds.
again tomorrow is not a good forecast. :disappointed:
I will maintain a watch on this thread and join you as soon as i am able.

Cheers J.P.


OK - diolch JP. Good luck with getting a good day soon for the coast visit
Hwyl, John


Hi @RichardBuck - I guess it really depends now on whether @rebecca can make it or not


We hav[quote=“johnwilliams_6, post:92, topic:7540, full:true”]
Hi @RichardBuck - I guess it really depends now on whether @rebecca can make it or not

Hi @RichardBuck - no news from @rebecca yet so I think we must call today’s walk off (hopefully she hasn’t just set off to Woodstock without checking the forum first :worried: )

Sundays are often more difficult for people, but we could perhaps postpone to tomorrow if that works for anyone… ? Hwyl, John


I think, for me, that I’m afraid I’m feeling nesh this weekend – and have prior commitments (taking child to party) tomorrow lunchtime anyway.


OK - no problem, Richard - next time, hopefully


It’s a while since I’ve heard the word nesh!! Is it acceptable to be nesh all winter long? :joy:


Actually I don’t think I’ve ever heard the word ‘nesh’! :confused: - just made a guess at the meaning from the context…


I used to hear it when I lived near Wrexham - it seemed to mean that feeling you sometimes get when the cold is particularly irksome, and you need a warm fire, and a pair of fluffy socks. My translation. The conversation actually went…
J: Ooh, I’m a bit nesh!
Me: What?
J: Nesh. You know, nesh.
Me: What (in blazes) is nesh?
J rolls eyes and wears the look of contempt reserved for southern ninnies.
So I made the rest up.


Just had the thought ‘nesh’ might be in the Big Dictionary or Words I’ve Never Heard Of and, lo, it was

so you’ve got it bang to rights, plus the bonus prize :trophy: of the word ‘neshness’ to use whenever the opportunity arises :grinning:


Lo indeed! :joy::joy::joy:
Can we have neshy too? Mainly because we can get it confused with wnes i (because there’s a whole Sean Connery deal with wnes i that I haven’t got to grips with…) leading to my now familiar state of amused mixed upness. Or mixed upnesh…
Stopping now.