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Hi Beca,
Yes, really enjoying it thanks. I feel it is really helping me. Today I had another chat with a Welsh speaking acquaintance and she said that my Welsh was better than I thought it was.

Talking of better, that brings me nicely back to goro. So, at the end of Sgwrs 5, when you said something like “Dwi’n goro creu trawsgrif a chyfieithiad”, for “I need to” …, is that sort of “I’d best …”?

Edit- just a thought …or is that a shortened version of gorfod (need). Sorry, I’ll shut up and let you speak :slight_smile:


Ieeee, also Beca in the Forum Datblygu Criw (or Criw Datblygu) ! :sunglasses::grin:

I can’t list two favorite songs of theirs, though. What I know is that I hardly knew Welsh language existed before listening to their records, and now I find myself learning Welsh. :thinking:
I still haven’t decided if I have to thank them or complain to them for this! :rofl:


I don’t think so. As far as I understood it, goro is a colloquial form of Dwi’n gorfod … (which would just be another variety of saying I have to/I must)
The difference is that gora (= best) ends with a distinctive a-sound, while goro has an audible o-sound at the end.
(Edit: And it appears that while I was typing this reply you had that idea yourself.) :slight_smile:


Hi Hendrik, Great thanks.
Bad news, I thought for a minute that I had discovered some sort of N Wales - Liverpool connection, similar to the S Wales “lota” for “llawr o/lots of”.

There would be no end to the “o” or “a” type endings that I could make up: Lora, gora, sorta kinda…


Yup - ‘goro’ is ‘gorfod’ - well spotted! Glad you’re finding it all helpful!


Dave Edwards would be very pleased I’m sure!


Hi haven’t managed to start listening to these yet. Is there any possibility of making them available through the app? I spend a lot of time in the car driving and it would be really useful


They are available on IOS :+1:


I’ll ping @kinetic for an update on this… :slight_smile:


on the iphone app?


Yes, swipe past level 3 and you will come across advanced. The Transcript is only available on the computer at the moment but there’s lots of interesting listening to be done. :+1:


Nope! I’ve got Levels 1,2,3 Old Course 1,2,3 then its Weekly listening practice, daily listening practice then growth club. I’ve re-downloaded the app too.


Had to think about this. Thought it was available to all or maybe it’s those that used the test flight app which is a different app.
Help @aran


Tagging @lewie for you


Took the words right out of my mouth… :star: :star2:


Calling Rownd a Rownd fans! Here’s a little puzzler for you - as you can see it’s a meme spoofing Friends, but for humour purposes the English has been written as if it was Welsh…,.


Hi Beca. Another great scwrs. Thank you.

One thing I noticed was that Craig was saying ‘teulu fy’ rather than ‘fy nheulu’. Is that an example of how people really talk - as opposed to what we are told is 'grammatically correct '?


Hiya - glad you enjoyed it - yes, “teulu fi” or “nheulu i” is what you’d hear people say, “fy nheulu” is more formal and would be used more often in written Welsh.


Now that’s the sort of quality tip you only get from SSiW :sweat_smile:

Does that generalise to other things that are ‘mine’ ( eg can you / do you say 'car fy / ty fy etc) or is it just families?


(edited to say - I’m laughing at the R&R meme - not Catriona’s very good question, but now seem unable to move it to where I want it!)