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Hi I postrd my answer somewhere else :grimacing:


At approximately 8.45 every morning I’m deafened by a chorus of “Lle ma bag fi? Lle ma sgidia fi? Lle ma pres cinio fi?” So yes, it’s applicable generally!


Glad someone else has these problems!


There’s a famous story about John Charles that appears to be true. In a match against Inter, striker Benito Lorenzi tried to wind him up, making unsavoury comments about the Queen. When one of his colleagues translated Lorenzi’s remarks, Charles said, “She’s not my Queen. I’m Welsh.”




Will today’s be up soon?


I gather it’s a race between Beca’s typing and her supplies of gin… :wink:


My bad, Dave - bit of a mad week this time - normal, punctual service to be resumed next week! The gin certainly helped, though…!


And up it goes… touch shorter than usual, because Beca has had extra things to juggle as well as Rownd a Rownd… but still a valuable workout for everyone… :slight_smile:


Gin 0 - 1 Typing!
Got there in the end! And I can highly recommend the Pink Grapefruit and Elderflower gin currently on sale at Co-Op… :blush:


Hi all - apologies for late delivery of this week’s Sgwrs - Rownd a Rownd duties mainly to blame! Normal service resumed next week.
This week’s offering should interest those of you who are into health - more specifically Gut Health - could come in handy for the festive heart burn!


Right on time not to get lazy with Welsh in the weekend. :slight_smile:

As for drinks, unfortunately we don’t have Co-Op over here but this makes me think of how often random chunks of lyrics wandering in my head can be recycled:

“Un can o sudd grawnffrwyth newyaidd, 'te plis”
“Un botel o gin grawnffrwyth pinc, 'te plis” :grin:


I managed to get through this today as it was a lot shorter. I was initially confused with Kefir and Ceffyl being used and not hearing of Kefir before.
Gonna order some now and get it delivered with Lorri Mansel Davies. :thinking::joy::joy:


Yes, that is another great item. Plenty of new words and terms for us, and so interesting. The stuff you learn on SSiW!


I’m always interested in hearing stories of small producers and that I try to support them as much as possible (so in Wales I’d be a potential client of Helen, too!)…just curious: isn’t Kefir sold also in the supermarkets over there?


Yes. I bought some this morning. :yum:


they’ve stopped making it on the Archers because it wasn’t selling and Susan is really cross


Ha i used to listen to the archers when I was a radio 4 boy but I’ve switched to a radio Cymru only. :grin:




Hahaaa! I’m having visions of you asking for that over Christmas and getting some funny looks!!!