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Glad you enjoyed! Tomi’s accent is almost what would be described up here as ‘Cofi’, which is the Caernarfon accent. People with a strong Caernarfon accent are known as a ‘Cofi Dre’.


I believe “Wyn” from Rownd a Rownd is a Cofi.
He has written a book about Cofi hiumor.


Try this:

Towards the end of the programme: about 1hr:24min:30 sec.


I am still working away at expanding my vocab and confidence in using it and the little language universes of the advanced content is a major component - thank you @beca-brown et al for all the hard work.

With listening (and reading) I am trying out two methods - one of which is essentially forced upon you under normal circumstances - to let it wash over you and pick up what you can by osmosis.

Books and the SSIW advanced content give you the opportunity of another which is to do spaced repetition on the bits you don’t know - by looking up the words, quickly learning them…and try again.

This does mean that your vocabulary turns out to be unexpectedly good in the area you use this technique on!! (eg. The environment from Duncan Brown’s Sgwrs 6 - below) :smile: but whats wrong with that?!

It has struck me that as I’ve used the Quizlet App that others could probably find and use this content - if it was of interest.

If you don’t know it, Quizlet is a free, pretty effective and inoffensive tool which does spaced repetition for you on little learning sets you create.

Let me know what you think (particularly whether you can see it!). It could be an interesting option…


I’d strongly suggest that the valuable parts of this process are covered by the process listen->read-transcript->listen->read-translation->listen - and then the best thing is to move on, instead of getting stuck on trying to ‘learn’ particular conversations. What happens when you move on is that the core structures that are a) new to you and b) frequently occurring in multiple interviews will be the stuff you get first.

Once you’ve done the triple listen/read process, the most valuable thing you can be doing if you want to push on further is just to keep on listening (we’re going to provide the files at double speed eventually, too, which will make that a bit less time-consuming).


I already get them at double speed on my phone. I’ve not ventured past 1.2 x yet tho ha.


On the subject of “Hogia”, I have just noticed that in English, a hog is a young sheep. I was hoping that it could have been a loan word from Welsh, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

So I suppose that hogia is similar to kids.


Hi all - if you’re in ‘ysbryd yr ŵyl’ - Christmas spirits - you’ll enjoy the festive Sgwrs coming your way tomorrow! :christmas_tree::santa:t4:


Ho,ho,ho, looking forward to it. :facepunch:


Annnnnnd it’s up and waiting for you - just squeezing into today… :wink:


I’m finding these interviews really helpful especially in building up my Welsh listening concentration span! Thank you very much for all the work involved in providing these for us.:grin:
My favourite interview so far has been Luned Rhys Parri. I’ve admired her work for years but never heard her speak about it. 2 huge coincidences happened to me this week after listening to the interview. I put S4C on to see if anything grabbed me and an old episode of 04 Wal was about to start, showing people with their sheds including Luned with her art studio. It was very interesting and is probably still available on clic. Then last night I went to an art event in Galeri Caernarfon related to Balaclafa CARN and found out they were exhibiting and selling postcard sized pieces of original art work by local artists for £10 at their art space on Balaclafa Road. I was thrilled to find 3 lovely pieces done in ink by Luned Rhys Parri! I wasn’t greedy and only bought one :blush: It was a lady who looked in a hurry… like her description of Luned Gonzalez! There were also lots of other lovely pieces of art by other artists still available. Here is a link to Balaclafa and you should be able to find mention of the exhibition which is running until the 12th January. Well worth a visit and great to support them…

Thank you very much Beca and to all at SSIW. This course has really broadened my horizons! Oh…is there a Welsh equivalent for than expression? :grin:


There are sounds in Welsh that are very similar to Italian, and from time to time I can’t help hearing Italian words or something familiar among sequences of sounds I don’t really understand - often with hilarious results.

One that I had been hearing really often - on the radio especially is:
caminetto (fireplace, in Italian) and I finally found out it’s cymunedol! :grinning:

But in this week Sgwrs (the part I listened so far), I also heard:
Capelli (hair in Italian), actually capeli
Davy Zandt (no idea of who he could be, but I’m pretty sure I had heard it in a song before and reminded me of Steve Van Zandt), that now I know it’s Dewi Sant

and one of the funniest for me so far:
Quincy Jones, that turned out to be Eglwys St John’s!!! :rofl:

p.s. the advanced material is all very interesting and effective, just writing these notes cause they made me laugh and also a hint of how brain deals with languages, I guess!


A good way to remember things.

Another really interesting interview this week. Top stuff


Hi Beca. Looking forward to a Christmas themed scwrs!

You said earlier that Tomi / Robbie has a Cofi (Caernarfon) accent. I’ve just been listening to Llyfr Glas Nebo on BBC iPlayer. I don’t know if you’ve heard it, but to me the male voice in that has a v similar accent. Not sure if I’m right or if it just because they are both young men with quite deep voices?


Really glad you enjoyed it. I’ve passed on your lovely words to Luned, and she was really chuffed.


Oooh I haven’t heard it yet - something to listen to over Christmas!


Haha! Quincy Jones!!! Love that one!


Just wanting to wish you all a Nadolig Llawen, and I’m looking forward to providing more Sgyrsiau in the new year - including South Walians, I promise!! :see_no_evil:


What have you said ha.
Nadolig llawen. :christmas_tree::christmas_tree:


Diolch Beca. Thank you very much for passing that on. She’s a very talented artist. I would love to know who the lady on my card represents. Nadolig Llawen :christmas_tree::grin::santa: