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O diar I’m two behind at the mo, need to work harder been waiting for a southerner.


You can just skip to the southerner…:wink:

The key thing with this content is that you’re doing this kind of work every week (ideally) - it’s not a set of progressive pieces that mean you have to have gone through each of them… :slight_smile:


I know but I like the discipline of one every week as it makes me do it. Listening is the thing I like least so I’ve neglected it cos I love talking in Welsh and love reading too. This is why Beca’s stuff has been so good for me, I’ve basically had to do it.


Diolch yn fawr iawn. I’m really enjoying these. They’re great for improving listening skills and building on vocab but they’re also a great way of learning more about the culture and people of Wales. :slight_smile:


Yes Jean I hadn’t really thought about that but it’s true.


So glad you’re finding them useful and informative :blush:


What a fabulous scwrs this week! I am seeing someone tomorrow working with Syrian refugees locally and i am going to share the website with them!


Excellent! Here’s the poster for the event…


Thought you might enjoy this, Welsh words that make us laugh, with comedian Elis James.


Wow, I absolutely loved that. It warms up to be an unusual mix of funny and informative - with some lovely little insights into Wales and Welsh life - past and present. A modern and positive impression too, from a quirky angle - very nice to hear.

Thank you for sharing it @beca-brown.

I should mention that I am absolutely loving and stuck into your Sgwrs hefyd. My fingers are now a little longer from hanging onto your coat tails!

It has been really interesting how I have found each one quite unique and different from week to week from the point of view of listening/ translating/ ability to understand. It is funny how this learning business works!

…and so many different ways to say the same thing between all the dialects …ha, ha…I think Welsh must be right up there as a world leading language in this respect! :smile:

There is no doubt I am steadily improving. So thank you also for all your hard work - which I can only imagine is considerable. Thank you.




Awwww what a lovely message! This week’s is up and live - local history and mythology this time! Hope you enjoy :blush:


Hello all! A shout out to those who requested some local history - this week’s Sgwrs is up and running and is full of interesting and spooky historical and mythological goings-on…


Arwrol! :star: :star2:


I’m sorry, but there’s transcript missing or more likely the link is covered with player (or this is just my experience?) All the rest previous things are put fine except of this last one.

On the other note: Da iawn! Great listening/reading resource. Thank you.


I’ve just had the same impression and was about to ask!
But then I noticed that there’s two “Download file” in front of Translation:
Turns out one is the translation, the other is the transcript - even though the word “Transcript” has joined the guest for a sgwrs, probably! :smiley:


You’re right. Both if even visually joined links work separately so both scripts are downloadable as they should be.


Tatjana :slight_smile:


Oh yikes! This was my first time putting the content up myself, @aran, can you check?! :see_no_evil:


Like so many others, these interviews are exactly what i was hoping for. The latest one refers to the transcript but it isn’t there… No worries if it is not available. I will have to listen even harder. Many many thanks for this resource.


It is available! Have I put the same one twice, by any chance? It’s usually Aran who puts them up, but I had a go this week! I’ll sort it asap!


Apologies to anyone having trouble finding the transcript, I think it may be there but called something else, I’m not sure. It was my first go at putting the content up myself, I’m sure Aran will remedy whatever Ludite-ish mess-up I’ve managed to make!