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Haha!!! (and I didn’t groan!!)


Did you hear the Duncan Brown sgwrs?


Hi all - here’s the full collection of novels for learners - from beginners through to advanced. Thought it might be handy :blush:


Very handy Beca, thank you!


Hi all, just to say that this week’s Sgwrs coming up tomorrow is with a lady from Birmingham who has achieved fluency in Welsh after moving to Wales many years ago. I’ll be interested to know whether you find her easier to follow or not! I think she possibly speaks a bit slower… :blush:


Ooo looking forward to this one! :smile:

Really enjoyed every sgwrs so far (at least the parts i can follow haha)


Excellent stuff - I’m glad. Some of the subjects have been more ‘niche’ than others, but hopefully there’s been something of interest in them all.


Is it your mom?


Fame at last Beca!


[ ssshhh… c’m 'ere, let me whisper in your ear… just to say… Beca’s been a very well known figure in Welsh-speaking Wales for a very long time… I even sent her a fan letter once, many many years ago… :wink: :smiley: ]


…sounds great, I am really looking forward to it!

It is interesting working backwards through them - for me, I would say that from Nici Beech - back one, to Manon Elis (Michelle in round and round) feels like a definite notch up in difficulty and back one more…to Dafydd (killer bees), feels like a clear notch up from that…back one more and Angharad (undercover reporter, Syrian refugees) feels more on a level with Manon.

Its interesting to hear how your accent comes out when you are talking to Dafydd! Totally natural of course, I don’t have much of a Welsh accent when I’m in Yorkshire…but talking to some in Brecon…totally different situation.

It is also very interesting how much you understand when you go back (quite a variation) - going through them again definitely feels like a good thing to do - I have lost my recollection of the actual translation when going back which forces you to only use the Welsh you are hearing!

These exercises are so valuable - on multiple levels.

Rich :slight_smile:


Ooo, good guess…I’m with you!




Haha! Well spotted!! :see_no_evil:


Awww…sdoppit! (Blushes!)


Oh my accent is all over the shop in Welsh, probably because I’ve lived all over the country and don’t really have a ‘native’ accent. I’m terrible for speaking like whoever I’m talking to at the time!


Just as well there is no ‘Alvin’ on staff…:chipmunk:


Diolch yn fawr iawn :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Ond…Shirley Bassey :thinking:


Yep, ‘eshi’ is pretty standard in gogland!


Hi Beca.
Yes, very clear thanks and the sound level is perfect.