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Kind of, I’ve listened again this morning with the added opinion of my wife. It’s definitely there but what it is we can’t tell. It seems to be only when Aaron Wynne is speaking so maybe it’s something from his mic (if you use two), that’s what made me think it was you making notes maybe. I can tune it out if I don’t think about it so not a problem and it doesn’t interfere with the understand…ment of what’s being said. I’m really enjoying these by the way, I wonder hpw long it will be before you’ve interviewed every Welsh speaker you know. :wink:


It’s certainly not notes because I didn’t use any with him. So either the mic or something has happened when exporting audacity to mp3. i’ll have a listen…


I wonder this too…! :blush:


I have noticed the hard drive chattering away at times when you are recording (or at least that is what it sounds like) - could it be that @gruntius?

It conjures up an great image of someone scribbling everything down with a felt pen though! Wow what a task that would be.

Rich :slight_smile:


I noticed it on the Aaron ep, and sometimes faintly on others. To me it sounds like an old fashioned dot matrix printer, so at first I thought it was recorded in an office. But then I realised it started and stopped exactly with Aaron speaking.
As you say, not a hindrance to understanding but an oddity.


@beca-brown - when you put numbers in the transcript could you put them down in words exactly as the subject says them? i.e. mil naw pum naw instead of 1959.

I find that I automatically read the numbers in English, and even if I stop and translate them myself I’m missing out on people’s different ways of saying things


Thought you’d like this - the Messiah in Welsh, flashmobbed at a Welsh chapel on Maundy Thursday.


Yup, good point - will do.


I may need to invest in a new piece of kit…!


Wwwww… now I’m considering some kind of AI-implant for Beca so that she can do the transcript in shorthand in realtime… :smiley:




Based on how quickly @beca-brown can talk I think she already has one!

Rich :smile:




How about letting Beca have a magic marker and some paper, that should do the trick :wink:

Seriously, though, I quite like the genuine background stuff. It sounds more natural than some podcasts that seem to filter too much out.


Can I have one of those pens with the different colours that you click on?! I used to love those… #retrostationary!




For a luddite, quite a complex process. :sweat_smile:Recordings can go wrong for such a long series of annoying problems that…why not keeping things as simple as possible?

With a portable recorder it would be almost like those old cassette ones. The first time you have to choose a few settings, but after that, you just: 1. check the volume (classic meter on the recorder, clearer than wave-shape of Audacity) 2. press rec button 3. press stop button 4. move memory card in the computer reader 5. drag/copy the mp3 file from the card to the computer - done!

p.s.talking about £80-90 recorders (and optional extra £25 lav mic). Next birthday present? :wink:


How do i then convert into an mp3?


You can choose to record directly as mp3. No need to convert it later.


Ah ok. Thank you!