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I’ve had a quick listen today to Tristan (oh my god I remember that the first time :roll_eyes:) and Leisa (same :grimacing:)…and they are now the similar to when I am listening to Radio Cymru which is that I understand most things without understanding many of them perfectly/ completely.

Overall that’s good but it is the sort of level where suddenly you haven’t got a clue what somebody just asked you!.. :roll_eyes:

It will be fine…it will be fine :upside_down_face:



My Wife Glenda, and I are having a great time in the Caernarfon area, being looked after by Aran and Cartin’s dog, Ceiri :grin:

Sorry about camaflagued pic! I’ll try to get a nicer one out and about tomorrow.


So, getting to the point, Remembering Sgwrs 11 with Mererid Mair Williams and the Peblig area of Caernarfon I thought it might be nice to put a couple of views on. I haven’t been too intrusive. So here’s a pic of the Roman Fort right in the middle of the estate.


Also, for any football supporters - Wyn Davies was born in the estate. He played for Wales. I remember him in Newcastle as “The Mighty Wyn”, one of our greatest players. He also played for Bolton and both Manchester teams.


Just wondering if we have any indication when the advanced material might get going again?
I ask because I feel I have increasingly had to look elsewhere, particularly over the last 6 weeks. (Maybe that is no bad thing).
However, the short Deg y Dysgwyr did provide a little bit of practice in early October.
(Please correct me if I’m wrong, if there have been other things published over this period).


If you sign up for a free month with audible, there’s a free book by Manon Steffan Ros. I’ve been listening to that.


The last update in here was on October 8th - I think there’s been at least one other thing since then - but the last couple of weeks, Beca has been very ill with sepsis (including a spell in hospital) - she’s recovering at home now, and under strict orders from us not to do any work until she’s genuinely fine… :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear this, know what it’s like both personally and professionally.
Get well soon Beca and do as you’re told in terms of getting properly well before coming back to work. Feet up. xxxx


:open_mouth: brysia wella @beca-brown :heart:


I am so sorry to hear this - I’m sure the whole community will join in with a ‘Brysia wella’ (get well soon).

For the moment, I wonder if you or Iestyn or anyone else might have anything you have done over the years which advanced learners might benefit from in the mean time? Nothing specific, but just anything in both Welsh and English that might be a bit of practice.


So pleased that you are on the mend, Beca. Take it easy as you fully recover.


@kinetic - could you dig out a link to the old 5 minute stuff (recordings and transcripts) that Catrin and I did? :slight_smile:


Okay - I’ve put up three of the first few Growth Club sessions as Aran suggested; I’ll put up another three next week until Beca’s properly mended! I put up numbers 2-4, because I couldn’t find a transcript for #1 on the database for some reason.


And a reminder that a year ago, @beca-brown recommended the Prosiect 15 videos, 5 TED-type 15-minute talks by inspiring people. If, like me, you tried them a year ago, and found them pretty hard without transcripts/translation, it might be worth trying them again to see how far you’ve come!

And by the way, there was talk of raising funds to do another series. If so, I hope the Fab Four from SSiW will be top of the list…


Yes, I enjoyed listening to these much more this time. Just shows how much we’ve learnt from Becca’s Advanced materials.


May I quote you, Colin?

It goes rather neatly with a relatively Facebook meme which I love also


That is a truly amazing video…I have watched it several times already!

How heartwarming it is to see people coordinating to solve a problem and putting themselves at risk to save an animal - where they can only succeed if the all work together. I love it. :sunny:

Rich :slight_smile:


Yes of course


Hello all! I’m back! I’m lurgy-free and have regained much of my strength following my hospitalisation due to Sepsis. What a nasty sod of an illness it is. Please familiarise yourselves with the symptoms if you haven’t already, as it’s infection season, and any perfectly ordinary infection can lead to Sepsis.
Thank you for all the lovely messages and postcards that I’ve received over the past couple of weeks - they were all very much appreciated, each and every one.
There is a new Beca a’i Phobl Sgwrs up in Advanced - item 039, for those of you whose devices don’t number in order.
Vocab centres around running and training for marathons.
Hope you enjoy!


Oh, and for those of you doing the South Walian course, there will be a Sgwrs with a Hwntw coming up next!