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Ah! So you were in charge of the wonderful Ceiri!!! Isn’t he the sweetest thing! Glad you enjoyed your time here.


Yes, such a lovely dog. We are missing him.
We had a brilliant time and quite nostalgic recalling occasional holidays since the late 60s :grimacing:. But great this time to be able to chat in Welsh to everyone we met.


And you went to the Piggery Pottery? Great place. I live not far from there.


Yes, we were thinking of you, Beca and your family. But felt that you needed a breather at the time. Otherwise, it would have been great to meet again (thinking of the Parti Penblwydd). It was so nice for Glenda and I to spend a little time with Aran and Catrin and family amongst their busy-ness.

Yes, loved the pottery, and the whole area. All of the local people were so welcoming and friendly. I think we definitely surprised some shop and cafe owners by speaking Welsh, they were so kind chatting at length and asking about us and SSiW.

When I get around to it, I hope to put something in the dog sitting topic. But just to say for now, thanks so much to you all for helping me to reach this stage in my language acquisition.


Yes I was most definitely sofa-bound at the time!
So glad you got to spend some time here though. Excellent.


I’ve already told her.
You MUST give your body a chance to heal itself @beca-brown. The moment you start to feel better is NOT the moment you are entirely healed. I shall be very cross if I have to raise this subject with you again. Do as you’re told please!! :angry:


Ahem. And who just came round to pick up Catrin to go for a WORK meeting at Stine’s place? Eh? Ehh??!


Lock her up! I’ll say it was me!!


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


I am firmly on the naughty step!


Shwsh, Aran!!! :triumph:


Hello! I have been listening to some of the advanced content, having finished level 3. It is interesting, but really challenging. Is that normal? I am doing as suggested in terms of listening and reading the transcript and translation. However, I would say I pick up 30-40% of most of the chats. What has been the experience of others? This is not a criticism, by the way. It is great material. I just wonder whether I am ready for it!


Hi Neil! I think that’s been the experience of many people on here, as I’m sure they’ll confirm!
They can be tricky, and it depends on the subject matter too. The latest ones are shorter, as are the Deg y Dysgwyr chats and the Stori Dwy Steddfod series. They might ease you in a bit better?


Hi @neil-pyper

Yes it is tough at the start - there is no getting around it :smile: - but it was a key step in my journey (which is ongoing wrth gwrs :wink:).

Personally I went for marking up the transcript myself in an attempt to get my head around everything quicker (transcripts absolutely plastered to start with!).

This did work I feel - it gave me quite a boost - but was time consuming. Clearly this is non-standard and others have been successful not doing this.

Keep the faith - and the hard work - I think the early ones are the ‘hard yards’ and as always with those, they are the ones that really pay off in the end. :sunny:

Rich :slight_smile:


Northern Soul, anyone? :smile:

More seriously, @neil-pyper it was really tough to understand anything when I started listening to the advanced content.
But the huge difference with listening to the radio, for example, is that here you can check what you’ve guessed with the transcripts.
And then fill the blank spaces with the translations. And now that I’m reading a bit more, I would add that an extra value of reading translations by a native (instead of word by word as I would have to do otherwise) is that you get a sense of the full sentences that helps a lot remembering them, and sounding like a speaker rather than a student. :wink:

p.s. for the older ones that are quite long, if you’re exhausted you can chunk them down in parts like I did!


Thanks for the replies and encouragement. One of the best things about SSiW, and learning Welsh more generally, has been feeling part of a supportive community!


No way! :smiley: I was actually there the first time, although not actually a participant. I couldn’t believe it when it came back. Apparently, Prestatyn is the Welsh Northern Soul capital.

But, yes, the Advanced Content is definitely an uphill event, but so satisfying when you drag yourself up high and stop for a “saib” to enjoy the view :slight_smile:


Definitely tricky at the start, sometimes in the middle, and a few times at the end too :joy:

Some recordings are easier than others (entirely personal), and some fluctuate throughout being easy-hard-easy or any combo of the two!

You’re definitely ready for it and you’ll start to notice a difference doing it the way you are. You may only notice this difference co-incidentally, so listening to the radio where it normally rushes over you and then you realise you’ve actually been following the convo quite well!


and Ynys Mon the reggae capital