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Oh really?

I guess I haven’t listened to them enough, then. So now I’m looking forward to hear chipmunk Beca and even being able to understand it! :grinning:


And that’s exactly where the most growth is… :slight_smile:


One more question, @aran, after listening to the second track:

It’s extremely hard for me to keep my attention focused for 30 minutes when I first listen to it. And most definitely after 30 minutes there’s no way I can also read the paper - that’s an even bigger effort for me - even though I understand it would be better.
Not to mention the fact it’s also a bit complicated to find a whole hour or more to do this properly.

So I was wondering, what if I chunk it down like, for example:
10 minutes of listening, then read that part on the transcription.
Then listening same 10 minutes (not necessarily right after), and read that part of the translation, etc.

Would that make sense?


After completing the southern course I started listening to level 1- lesson 25, level 2 - lesson - 25 and the last few lessons of level 3 speeded up to 1.5. Mainly because it’s really important to refresh but also repeating is quite boring so it does the job much quicker. I then found after a while that I completely forgot it was speeded up until the songs came on at the end. When 16, 17 and 18 just got realease I listened to them once in real time (which was like slow mo to me) and after hearing once I went straight back to 1x5.
I do most of my lessons whilst driving alone but had to listen to beca on the laptop. I do find my mind wandering half way through too so will be breaking it down into two 15 slots for myself until I can chipmunks it to 1.5. :chipmunk:


Yah, too quickly maybe …

I am actually glad one is a chipmunk style lover on here though, however I can’t imagine how it looks like to do the lesson in that style though. Have to try once. :slight_smile:


Love the new stuff, thanks to Beca. I would love anything on history or archaeology to fill in some gaps so I can understand S4C programs that look really interesting like the series on the Welsh house.

Also, I don’t manage to understand chunks of this but get the general idea. I’m quite happy to just listen and repeat, which is how I use podcasts and programs on Radio Cymru. What should I be aiming to get from these? I can Hear the words but don’t know their meaning on the whole so don’t slow down please.


Time for a “Clwb gwiwer resog”? :chipmunk: :smile:

When I tried Old Course 1 after finishing Level 1, I found Lesson 1 super-easy and…pretty boring. So I tried speeding it up and I felt like a Welsh Goddess for being able to do it so easily, no pause and double speed. :star_struck:
(especially considering how exhausting many of Level 1 lesson were at normal speed and quite a bunch of pause!)
it didn’t work for next lessons, cause they had a lot of new vocabulary - so I just stopped doing old Course.

Using it for revising those Challenges sounds like a great idea, I’ll definitely try it!


The Striped Squirrel club? :chipmunk::black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 :it:
I’ve never used the pause button btw as I usually listen in the car. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not (the pause button) but it’s probably a nice feeling when you can say it correctly while it’s paused but I just keep going reguardless.


With the extra black flag, that’s probably the Striped Anarchist Squirrel! :sunglasses:

By the way, since Italian and Welsh flag have the same colors we should find a way to melt them. :wink:


That black flag is the Welsh flag on my phone but comes out black when posted for some reason. I once saw a great band called Black Flag back in my youth. :thinking:
As for melting the flags Crass did a pretty good job of the Union Jack but the welsh flag is pretty much untouchable I think. :heart_eyes:


Yup, that would work just as well, and I’m sure it will be a good fit for a lot of people who would find it tricky to find the time otherwise… :slight_smile:

You’ll get a fair amount of benefit from just listening - your brain will get better and better at picking new bits of info out - but you’ll get significantly more benefit if you do the listen->read transcript->listen->read translation->listen process as often/much as possible… :slight_smile:


Thanks Aran hopefully I’ll get obsessive about them and learn loads!




Hi Colin, glad you enjoyed the piece - nice to see a Brummie here! Yes, the process of changing language is an interesting one. We used to set limits initially so that it was less intimidating - we’d have breakfast in Welsh for example, or use Welsh if we went to see a Welsh play or concert. That made it easier somehow, then we went full native! :blush:


Hi Beca,
I love the format especially the first translation/ transcription file which I printed out. It’s easy to switch between the two and learn the words I am not sure of. With the two files for the second practice, this was not ao easy. Although I have been through all three levels a couple of years ago I had a gap in learning and have recently returned to Level 2 revisitng by using the excellent new materials. There are two things I struggle with, one is the length of the pieces, and other is using Cymraeg Gog - I’m following The South Walian pathway, so if there is anything that can be done to support these two challenges, that would be really helpfuk. That said, I will persevere! It’s really good to have something to read that’s supported and on which we can give feedback. Diolch yn fawr iawn!


I struggled with the length, too!
In case it might be helpful to you, and considering it already has @aran’s seal of approval, the solution that seems to work best for me is using the sequence recommended method - but chunking it down into shorter pieces.

For example:
Listen once - without looking at the texts (for 5-10 minutes, without cutting answers)
Read the transcript (of the part I’ve just listened)
Listen again - without looking at the texts (same 5-10 minutes)
Read the translation (of the part I’ve just listened)
Listen again - without looking at the texts (same 5-10 minutes)

Next time, I do the same starting from where I had stopped. I see it worked much better for me!

p.s. while I’m here, what about adding a timestamp every 5 minutes in transcriptions and translations? Unless finding answers through the text is part of the training itself.
Note: I dare shamelessly asking this to @beca-brown just because I know that even free transcription apps can do that in one click! :grimacing:


Thanks for your reply Gisella. I will try your suggestions and let you know how I get on. Cofion cynnes, Jan


Hey folks - is there anyone on this thread who would mind if we quoted you on a page explaining the advanced content to people who aren’t currently learning with SSiW and might like to subscribe to get it anyway? :slight_smile:

[No need to say so in public - not trying to twist any arms - just ping me a PM if you wouldn’t be happy for me to quote you… :slight_smile: ]


Is there a saying in English or Welsh like Italian “chi tace acconsente” (something like “silence means consent”)? :smiley:

Anyway, for me I can say that anything I ever wrote and will write in the Forum can be quoted anywhere, as you like.

By the way, how do people get access to advanced content?
Is there a specific link and subscription for it?

Also, is the other content I am using (Challenges - Level 1, 2, 3) available to new subscribers as well? Or is it just for those who subscribed before September?
(in case someone asks)


Yes, in English we say “silence gives consent”. I am happy for it to be so here.