Rownd a Rownd


Craith? My vision of Ron must be wrong, or i am remebering the wrong father!


I do mean Craith, and I could be wrong; his appearance was very brief. It would help if I could remember the character’s name.


I’ve been unable to find the name of the actor who played Ron (Williams) in RaR.
(and in passing, the pages that used to show all the characters seem to have disappeared completely now - not that they contained the actors names).

Found this interesting feature about David (when he was new):

I hadn’t realised that the actor who played him came from Llandysul.

If you search google images for “Ron” (or “Ron Williams”) and “Rownd a Rownd” you will find a thumbnail of Ron, but the full-sized image it should link to is not there, because it was on that list of characters on the S4C site. :frowning:


Whenever Kelvin does come out, whether for the funeral or when his time is up, I wonder what his homecoming will be like.

Whenever Kelvin was mentioned recently, Lowri got this odd look on her face – or is it just me? As if to say, “you say I can’t wait for him to come out and will be happy to have him back, but I’m not sure”.


I got the impression that Lowri thought Kelvin was a waste of space well before he went to jail. And I agreed. He’s still a kid in his head, no regard for anyone else. He kept her waiting for 20 mins at the last visit because he was playing a computer game!


Not exactly a loving, desperate husband eager to see his wife!


Ah, I see.

On the other hand, she does seem to have appreciated the money he brought home – she’s frequently remarked on the difficulty of raising two children on one income during the time that he’s been in the clink.

Looks like she may have to decide what she wants … or whom?


I have yet to meet this Kelvin, but I already get the feeling I’m not going to like him.


He usually means well!


I agree, he seems like a nice guy, just childish and easily lead. He’s a drip.


So no need to change my original feeling about him then :smile:



…oh suddenly i like Kay! But generally… Erin is pushing her luck! Michelle is making me crosser by the day!


Philip and Lowri…so, er, are naughties about to happen…???


I really hope not. I suppose… to be fair, Kelvin is an idiot and a drip, so doesn’t really deserve her and poor Philip lost Alwenna in hellish circumstances and with no warning and needs looking after, so maybe love would be a good foundation for a better marriage than many in the district! (But I do hope R&R is not a real everyday snapshot of life in Gogledd Cymru!


Lowri seemed to hesitate before going in, but I didn’t get the impression she was thinking
“is this the right thing to do?” but more like

“will anyone see me and will I get caught”.

But having said that, she might change her mind at the last minute and nothing may “happen”.

Kelvin isn’t a bad chap at heart, but I think Lowri deserves better, and could do better.
But I’m not sure if Philip is the answer.

And if they get found out (and they will, given that this is soap territory), the fallout will be toxic.


Am i right? Was Mags/Delyth playing cop lady in Craith and I’ve forgotten or was someone else in the part?


Apparently so Rownd a Rownd although I’d never have realized, myself.


Yep! :grinning: Great minds…


hey-ho - no RaR heno (07.06.2018) - because of the rugby, I guess.

Looks like it’s being shown tomorrow instead.

I’m waiting to see what was the denouement of the Philip - Lowri liaison.
Was it flagrante delicto, or was someone a wet blanket?

Edit: for what it’s worth, there are no clues in the short episode summary on the S4C amserlen.
Maybe we have to wait until Tuesday. (Might take that long to wipe the smile off Philip’s face).



I am not a nice lady! If I were, I wouldn’t be so pleased when Arthur gets his nose out of joint, but .Jason heading for trouble with Barry. Why pretend to find it? Silly boy!
I admit to ambivalence about Lowri and Philip. I could never see what she saw in Kelvin!