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Rownd a Rownd


In tonight’s (12-02-2019) episode
(sorry, mini-spoiler)
we learned that he suggested it! So he’s at least partly involved.
At least Kelvin is trying to do the right thing. Curiously, I think something like this might even pull Lowri and Kelvin back together, in spite of everything. Kelvin has got to talk to Lowri about this, and I think he will.

Dani & Jac: Oh dear…Jac is being a rather thoughtless, selfish person, and it’s not the first time he’s gone his own way (like the night that led to the boat trip), in spite of Dani’s wishes.

The unforgiveable sin is, I think, not that he should have ambitions, but that he should just rush into it like this without discussing it properly with Dani. Personally, I thought the salon looked depressing, as did Manchester, but maybe that’s just me… :slight_smile: (I’m told that young people like it…).


Talking of Lowri/Lowri: I’m finally getting properly into “Blasu” by Manon Steffan Ros. For some reason, I have begun to picture the adult Pegi to be just like Lowri’s / Lowri Gwynne’s lovely cousin / sister!


That bit with Owain canes as a surprise! I agree with everything you wrote regarding Kelvin, Dani and Jac. :+1:

Although you’re right about Jac’s behavior, I find this Manchester thing slightly surprising after we just had Jac and Dani swearing undying love after the boating accident. I can’t see Dani working in that salon - it doesn’t seem like her kind of place at all.

Tune in tomorrow… :slight_smile:


And after they had made up after the big bust-up, he said “I’ll never leave you”. And then what seemed like 5 minutes later he’d buzzed off to Copa without her, and against her will. And now he wants to buzz off to Manceinion. OK, he wants to take her with him, but gives the distinct impression that he wouldn’t let her hold him back from going.

Probably the sensible compromise would be for him to become a weekly commuter, working there in the week, and coming home at weekends. While Dani supervised the refurbishment of her own salon. That way, Jac could see whether the soggy streets of Manchester really are paved with gold, and after a reasonable period, they could have another discussion about it all. But that’s not how soaps work, is it? :slight_smile:

I really don’t find Jac’s infatuation with the big city all that convincing.though. After all, he comes from Cardiff, not a village. Cardiff may not be Manchester, but it’s not Glanrafon either, and it’s quite fashionable itself in its own way. Why couldn’t Jac have a friend with a salon in Cardiff? That’s only 14.4 miles (or 24 minutes) from Newport according to google, so she’d be nearer Meical and Michelle, and Jac would be nearer his family. She’d be far away from Lowri and Dad, admittedly, but maybe Wyn could buy her a helicopter…


That was a very sensible paragraph until the end :joy:


I met the lovely Jay and Heledd (Jac and Anest) in Aberystwyth over the weekend. They were really impressed with my Welsh, so SSiW plugging a go go. Both the actors also sometimes struggle to understand Arthur, so it’s not just us!


Lucky you! [insert jealous face here :wink: ]

And congratulations - how nice to be complimented on your Welsh! :star:


Da iawn ti!

Well, Arthur isn’t the most difficult to understand for me.

Now that Meical has left, that would probably be iolo, closely followed by Barry and Philip.

Being nosy, was this a chance meeting, or do you have a contact on /connection with the programme? :slight_smile:


I went to Gwobrau’r Selar, they were there to present one of the prizes. Welsh Celebrity gossip alert: I think the two of them may be together judging by the way they behaved together :heart:


Dare I say, you saw it here first, nearly two years ago…

Spoiler for episode of 21 Feb

Rownd a Rownd


omaigod I’d completely forgotten that!!!

Well remembered Richard.

Oh dear, how could they recycle this one again…? Well, unless it’s a way of getting at Arthur…


Well, they’ve never actually shown Arthur doing anything about it (since he’s doubtless too cheap) and the problem wouldn’t spontaneously resolve itself…


[Jay and Heledd (Jac and Anest)]

Nobody tell Jason!


Wel, wel:

(pretty recent vid - 19th Feb 2019, with “Rhys” and “Carys”).


From what I’ve seen, the actor who plays Rhys is quite similar to Rhys in real life - friendly, helpful, and positive. Of course, actors are paid to act, and the person you see on screen is not necessarily the person you’d meet in real life, but I think in this case, they are quite close. If anything, the actor, Meilir Rhys Williams, seems slightly more bubbly and extrovert than Rhys in RaR.

There was once available on the S4C RaR website, an interview he did with the actors who play his screen siblings, Wil and Erin. That was great fun as well. But they’ve rehashed the website since then, and a lot of the old stuff on there seems no longer to be available. :frowning:

Edit: Found the video on Facebook. (You may need a Facebook account to view it - not sure):

Edit2: Or try:





O diar, Jason, Jason…

…Well, perhaps he is a bit of a “lembo”, and should discuss his ideas with Barry, but on the other hand, Barry could be more positive and encouraging, and harness his energy and enthusiasm. Barry has some good qualities, but unfortunately, quite often his bad qualities are on display.


Astonishing really that no one (on RaR) seems to have brought up the previous incident with the motorhome, so far as I have noticed. Lowri and Kelvin would have remembered, for sure.


Ahh - that behind-the-scenes view was lovely!

And brought back memories :slight_smile: of when I was given a tour of the set. I remember being surprised that the (insides of the) three homes were under one roof.

I didn’t get Meilir and Ceri to give me the tour, though (it was somebody else who worked for the production), though I did get to meet them during lunchtime!


Not really a spoiler for 05.03.2019
Why don’t people on RaR ever order extra milk, or increase their regular order, since they are always running out…?