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Share our biggest discount ever and get LOADS of prizes :-)


Celia Lewis…


Jon Hockley yma!


Been wanting to learn Welsh for such a long time and this is a great offer. I don’t really get much luck when doing referrals but here’s hoping I do better than normal on this.

Kelly Hibbert

Thank you if you’ve chosen me :blush:


Chi’n neud gwaith gwych Aran!

Osian Rhys


Diolch o galon, Osian, a diolch am ymledu’r gair!

Looks like you’ve already got one! :star2:

@laujmorgan - so do we have a Laura Morgan and a laujmorgan, or am I good putting those two together? :smiley:


I’ve been trying to persuade my husband to carry on learning for ages and I hope this will do it. Rohini Cash. Also the conductor for the community orchestra here in Caernarfon.


Oh, no way? We’ll have to have a panad and a practice sgwrs some time… :slight_smile:



I’m Laura Morgan and my user name is laujmorgan so it should only be one person!




Superb - my hunch was right, and you’re where you deserve to be up there on the leaderboard as one person! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :star2:


Your brawd has joined now too!


Taken out subscription and shared on fb


What a flying start - diolch yn fawr! :star2:


Jerry Williams here. 9 weeks into the 6 Minutes a day course and very surprised at how much I have learned already. Diolch yn fawr Aran


Delighted you’re off to such a superb start - well done for putting the effort in! :slight_smile:


8 weeks into the 6 month course and already having a go at conversing in Welsh. I started because I want to keep my brain active - well I thought that was why. Now I suspect it is because it has been something I was ashamed at not having done before.


That’s kind of you, but it’s not the chatting in Welsh that I mind it’s the groups of new people. Thank you though, I very much appreciate the offer. :slight_smile:


I completely understand, no problem at all. You know where we are when you feel it’s time.


Just joined and feeling a bit lost. Hopefully I will become more familiar with the different options.


Hi I’ve just signed up I’ve used Emma-Powell name and I hope she wins something nice :+1:

Looking forward to learning Welsh!!

Diolch :blush:


Welcome aboard! A simple first port of call can always be this thred:
If by options you meant the forum, or the app - that’s still a good place to ask for “directions”