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The Diolch! Thank you! thread


Diolch yn fawr - that’s great encouragement! I have to get through the course until January 2021, so not congratulating myself yet. Cardiff University ASSL library is a gem of a place for Welsh studies. For anyone with a Cardiff Central library card, you can become an associate member of the University library for a small annual fee. That’s what I did to start with. Recommended.


A MASSIVE diolch from me to @siaronjames, who, when it comes to answering forum questions on grammar, pronunciation, spelling, etymology and so much more, is an absolutely rock solid star.

Siaron continues to give endless voluntary hours to this forum - which would be a much duller and quieter place without her. Her patience and virtual smile are priceless.

Diolch Siaron am bopeth - your friendly contributions to this community are so valuable. :heart:


Couldn’t agree more, @catrinlliarjones, but you have to join her weekly show and tell on WSP to find out just how eccentric she is!


Siaron is a true multi-talented legend! She was one of the members of the band who played at our wedding nearly 15 years ago… boy, does she have some stories to tell… :wink:




Diolch a pawb. My review of 6m SSiW (Levels 1 and 2):


This is extremely random but I’ve been meaning to say it for a while. This website has one of the nicest ways of telling you you’ve put the wrong password in:

I’m afraid the password you entered isn’t the one we have on record for you. Please try again, or click ‘Forgotten your password?’ above.


It’s the first day of a new decade… a good time for thanking people… I’ve just been sending thank you notes to all our staff… I’d love to try and thank everyone on the forum by name, but that’s very clearly just utterly out of my reach now!

So with your understanding, although I could rattle off dozens of individuals I’d like to thank, I know that would mean missing dozens more equally deserving…

So thank you ALL - thank you for all you contribute to this community, for your passion and enthusiasm and energy and kindness and love. You’ve made this a very special place indeed, and I’m looking forward enormously to being able to put more and more resources into supporting and growing this utterly fantastic community :heart:

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda pawb x

Just enjoyed listening to your review, Simon. If you’d like a chat on Slack anytime, let me know. Though no more advanced than you - not being on the 6mws course I’ve been taking the whole thing more casually - I have nevertheless had a good number of 1-to-1 chats on there, which has improved my speaking confidence. I may also be able to help with some suggestions re vocab.