Tiny questions with quick answers - continuing thread


Haven’t come across this pattern myself… you will hear/see ‘unai x neu y’… :slight_smile:


That’s usually naill ai…neu…

Or (as @aran indicated) un ai…neu…


Diolch @gisella-albertini , that’s very helpful, perffaith! :smiley:


If I wanted to ask what a particular word meant in welsh would it be something like:
“Beth mae’r gair XXX yn meddwl yn Saesneg?”
The reason I think it might be this is because in the south version of ssiw we are taught mean=meddwl: So hynny’n meddwl - that doesnt mean…so I have extrapolated!


Wait, isn’t this question asking what does it mean in English? :thinking:

I’m trying to put together a little survival kit for Wales. :sunglasses:
A few sentences I found ready-made around the web are:

What does that word mean in English? - Beth ydy’r gair hynny yn ei feddwl yn Saesneg?
how do you say … in Welsh? - Beth ydy’r Gymraeg am…? / Beth ydy … yn Gymraeg?
What’s that called in …? : Sut ydych chi’n dweud hynny yn …?
How do you say X in …? - Sut ydych yn dweud X yn …?

It may be a good chance to have them checked by the experts here! :wink:


Sounds great, except perhaps change mae to ydy or yw .
You don’t really need “yn meddwl” to be honest,
Beth ydy’r gair [Welsh Blah] yn Saesneg plis
Beth ydy’r gair [English Blah] yn y Gymraeg plis


Sounds ok to a non-expert.

I’d say keep it simple - I wouldn’t like to remember all of that.


Well, the first is a bit complicated!
The others…I pretty much know the elements, I just have remember the right order! :smiley:

Are Beth ydy’r and ydi’r the same? Just two ways of writing it?
Beth yw’r yet one more way to mean the same thing, then?

Doesn’t Sut ydych chi’n dweud hynny yn…? literally mean how do you say that in?
So informal Sut wyt ti’n dweud hynny yn…?
And conditional Sut fyddet ti’n dweud hynny yn…?


Garibaldi must have been quite a hero for the English at one time; IIRC, Moley (in Wind in The Willows) had a bust of him in his house.


Interpreting what Siaron said, augmented by my experience, I think it is a little less “open” than the English “AY” sound, as in “crate”. (If you know Yorkshire dialect, it’s similar to the “ay” in “nay”, but probably a bit shorter).


…and it doesn’t need that much imagination, either! :wink:


Yes ,I think you would be ok with all of that.
Beth = What. Ydy = is (in a question or negative). Local varistions are yndy and yw.


Must say, I prefer the slightly less widely known Chorley cake myself. Perhaps a Chorley: Eccles blind-tasting might be a fun party game. The acerbic comedian Stewart Lee (in a bit about north vs south) commented that northerners should realise that it’s not absolutely necessary for every town to have a cake named after it. (But perhaps he was forgetting about Banbury cakes; admittedly, Banbury probably counts as the north for Londoners…).


Ok then, Chelsea bun


http://geiriaduracademi.org/?lang=en has several to choose from:

dunk v.t.

1.gwlychu, trochi,

N: towcio, dowcio


(Must admit, I have no idea what “dunk” means in basketball. I assume it’s related to a “slam dunk”, but I have only the vaguest idea what that means as well! :slight_smile:


Thank you for additional words. Much appreciated, MikeEllwood. The Welsh even have a word for a basketball dunk…that’s cool. Although, I don’t really play it myself, here’s a link to a slam dunk by Michael Jordan.


I used to play Welsh baseball at school - it was our main summer game, it was very popular in South Wales once, but I think in my lifetime it has disappeared, which is a shame.

Its quite a bit different from US baseball, but does involve hitting a ball and running around bases although I don’t think the games are that closely linked.



I played US Baseball in the summer and loved it. I didn’t know what to expect but this looks like fun. I’m picturing US Woman’s Softball where they throw underhanded, like Welsh baseball, but at speeds of 90 MPH + HA! Whenever I get to Wales, if you’re up for it, I bet we could gather enough people to play a game.

@robbruce thanks for the link as is lead me to find the rules.


Sorry guys, couldn’t resist :grin: