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Volunteer '5 Minute' Listeners


I’d be happy to listen to new learners on Wednesday evening after 7.00 pm


I’m willing, but my availability is a bit all over the place, and my time zone is 5 hours earlier than in Wales. I’ll be at work during the time on Wednesdays that’s been suggested. :unamused: Like the idea of a schedule/signup, but willing to be flexible as best I can!


Certainly willing to listen, from the other end of the world.

Some time ago, I had a permanent Google Hangout session going, happy to revive that if needed. We would need to invite (via email) all those who want to be part of it. The good things about it are that the hangout is always open, 7/24, and people could arrange by mutual agreement when they want to hang out together, and a number of people can be there at any one time. The bad thing is that Google Hangouts interface is not intuitive for everyone, but we can arrange instructions.


Yes, I think so.

Gives learners a time to aim at, and perhaps you can build a sense of excitement around to encourage people to get involved.

Perhaps a text only google hangout to be the “lounge”, or a Slack channel

With Slack you could keep history, which would be useful to demonstrate to newcomers the level of activity there is, and they can get a sense of what’s involved from previous weeks.


I’ve not tested this, but I’ve created a Google Hangout here

Anyone care to see if you have access by default?


I seem to… are you seeing my messages?


Yes, but have to be signed into Google

( allows anonymous use, but it’s limited to 4 people per room on the free version, and 10/12 on the paid version)


I’m thinking Google/Slack for the ‘arrange it’ plus (or Slack private channels) for the 5 minutes… maybe worth running a couple of ‘how does it work?’ tests in the next couple of weeks…


I’m happy to listen to new learners too.


Yes, but you have to be a paying subscriber to have entire history if not the history vanishes at one point of the time Exampke is Video team channel where there’s no history anymore as it wasn’t active for quite some time. However, maybe @aran as SSiW Slack admin can still access it though, I don’t know that.

Yes, I have. Just written a greeting. :slight_smile: I’m not sure if it’s generally seen. One more thing I didn’t deal with a lot. :slight_smile:


I’d be happy to listen; I can’t promise I’d be very useful but I suppose they might get some practice responding to “Be? ma flin 'da fi, chlywes i ddim be ddwedest ti”! :slight_smile:


Just getting my read round this… level 3- do I record to soundcloud? How does this work?


It should be live 5 minute session when a beginner or that one who needs some boost in their confidence of speaking to strangers in Welsh and experienced learner/speaker/listener meet, the first one mostly speaking, the second one mostly listening (at least it is how I understand the things). It should be on Hangout and the link is published somewhere some posts up, but actually the things weren’t finalized as how this will actually word yet (or I’ve missed something here). I only know this should be on Wendesdays from about 7-8 o’clock in the evening (probably UK time) and should for the first rounds be up for an hour. If more interest it can be longer. The things were set as “come-go” thing and “learners” and “speakers” are about to “find” each-others while on hangout, open live chat and do the thingy.

The recordings on SoundCloud are for those who said they’ve done “5 Minute test” in order to get your salmon pink badge first. The test is not yet to be recorded. After you say in the topic that you’ve done it in less than 5 minutes and get your first badge, you do the same once again, this time recording the whole thing and put it on Soundcloud. You then put the link to your recording in the topic “The 5 minutes’ test - recordings” and get your red badge. You of course don’t need to record exactly the same stuff you’ve said before without recording. You can invent new sentences. The only thing you have to do is to use the same structures written in “5 minute test” in Welsh.

There are more “promotions” - from red badge to green when you record your question to which other members with green badges can put the answer. And then form green to blue when you do recording the answers to other’s questions. You put questions and answers into your own topic under category “Speaking practices” according to instructions written there.

I hope it helps.



Just my two cents as a beginner, I think being really prescriptive with times and format could put beginners off contributing, particularly with time zone issues, differing experience with language learning etc. Maybe it would be possible to have two formats, a fixed hang out and a list of people who are willing to be PMed and asked if they have time with their time zone and preferred call software?


I sympathise with what you’re saying there - the thing is, this is pretty much the structure that we tried and failed with for ffrinDiaith - so this time round, it feels safer to think in terms of building up to that level of coverage (because it’s very disheartening to PM three or four people and not get a match)…


Friends—this is brilliant…

I have just been put through my paces in the most delightful way—listening to responses to my recorded questions. This is quite remarkable, because I really can understand what others are so kindly offering as answers, and feel I am experiencing the next best thing to a conversation.

When I started on this about a week ago by ‘going for pink’, little did I know that a whole new Welsh language experience was about to open up by progressing through the red and green to blue. I cannot recommend this enough to anyone wanting to immerse themselves, get over any inhibitions about trying out their Welsh, or move beyond a plateau.

By jumping in at the deep end I am finding I can swim even without water-wings, but there are plenty of lifeguards on duty, so if you have not yet checked this out, why not at least dip a toe in the water. :swimming_man:‍♂️:swimming_woman:

The weekend is coming on… just saying.



:star: :star2:

Thoroughly well-deserved! :slight_smile:


Diolch yn fawr iawn Aran–your lovely comments and encouragement always perk me up–I feel head over heels right now :upside_down_face:


Did anyone already tell you that you’re speaking extreamly well and clear Welsh? I admire you … So you should feel head over heels not just right now but longer than that.


Thank you so much Tatjana,

Coming from you, my friend and mentor, that is praise indeed. You continue to be my guardian angel and I just hope you too are feeling good about all the amazing work you do and joy you spread through the Forum.

About an hour ago, I suggested my husband put some bubbly (a nice local variety) in the fridge because we both feel we have breakthroughs to celebrate. Since we are 8-9 hours behind you, our weekend has yet to begin, but cheers! :clinking_glasses: