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Volunteer '5 Minute' Listeners


Any time Thursday would be fine for me . Don’t be nervous; it’s only me, and I’m a learner, too. Just say what you know how to say, and I will reply.

I’m assuming that as a beginner, you may not yet have joined our big Slack group, Welsh Speaking Practice? If not, do you use Skype? My skype address is: bronwen.lewis29
You’d need to ask to add me as a contact. If all else fails, we could always have a quick chat over the phone - let me know!


Thank you in advance! I have joined the Welsh Speaking Practice group, so I assume I search for you there and that allows us to speak to each other. I’ll have a look tomorrow. I don’t currently use Skype but I’m aware that’s an option :grinning:
I appreciate the reassurance. I’ll probably get in touch around 10am on Thurs and hope to speak to you then. Diolch a nos da.


Hi Linda. Just saying Hello. Great that you have gotten in touch with Bronwen. There a few members from thr NE on here. Ive escaped and live in Swansea now :sunglasses:. Incidentally theres a chap from Elswick in Newcastle on Facebook (not on here) who is very advanced. So remember the sky’s the lmit for you.

Strangely, Im on my way to Hexham, visiting family for a few days. Anyway, its great that you are on here.


Diolch John. Strangely enough, I passed through Hexham on Monday, en route back from Edinburgh! Have fun back there.
Maybe we could converse yn Cymraeg at some future point too?
Diolch eto for your croeso.


Yes of course Linda. Im on slack. Just didnt want to steal Bronwen’s thunder.


Also Doug from Berwick is on there. Hes a regular on Siarons Friday evrning hangout
Its all very gentle amd friendly.


Hi Clare, Simon here. Just reached week 10 and the ‘find a listener’ challenge. I’m hopeful of talking to someone in work this week to help me out with this but thought I’d check out the forum anyway and saw your posting!
Wondering if we could help each other out here with a little ‘tete a tete’?! Just let me know if you’d like to try and work something out.


Hi Simon. I’m happy to have chat. I’m away from home at the moment but I will be back by the the weekend so prehaps we can sort something then.


Hello, I’m based in Leeds and am looking for an online person to chat with. I’m on week 10. I’m fairly flexible re time and prefer daytime if possible. Happy to listen to someone too obviously :smiley:


Helo pawb. I’m looking for someone to listen to my sentences. I’ve done challenges up to 19 and this week working on 20 and 21 - and I still haven’t taken the step of finding someone to listen, and (next step) hopefully also say their sentences too. I’m in Aotearoa-Sealand Newydd (New Zealand), so when it’s evening in the UK, it’s morning here, and vice versa. I can use skype and willing to try any other app if there’s a better one. I’m Bronwen Jones, born in Aotearoa, but my father was brought up a Welsh speaker in North Wales. I’m learning the North stream. Diolch!

If it’s easier to email, I’m at


I think we Bronwens should stick together! I’ll send you a private message…


No sooner said than done - lovely to talk to you, @BronwenJones! And look out, Bwtcamp - there’s another Bronwen on the way!!


Oedd yn braf siarad efo chdi, @BronwenLewis! Diolch yn fawr iawn.


@ionaclare Mi fedra i siarad efo chdi. Ond, dw i dod o Sealand Newydd. I can speak with you, if you like via Skype, if you don’t mind Skype. My email is, and my skype address is bronjones2. Your morning would be my evening.


Hi, I’ve just reached lesson 20, learning south wales, do you want to chat? I would like someone to practice my 5 sentences with (and you are another Clare with no ‘i’!)
I’m in San Francisco so I could do anytime after 4pm your time.


Hello again, I’ve just reached lesson 20, learning south wales, do you want someone else to practice your five sentences with or did you do it already? It would be nice to chat with someone else who is going to the Bwtcamp
I’m in San Francisco on PST


Hi Clare. I would love to chat to you and hear your sentences. I think its best to do it via Slack so perhaps direct message me on Slack and will try to do the same and we can fix up a time perhaps this weekend to do some sgwrsio!


Could anyone listen to me please. I live in Macclesfield and can’t find a local welsh speaker.

Diolch, Dw i’n dod o Llandeilo ond dw i wedi byw yn Lloegr am tri deg blwyddyn.

John (Robert John Stephens)


If you’d like to join the free Welsh Speaking Practice group online, just send an email to with WSP as the subject.

Here’s what one Welsh learner has to say about it:


Hiya, @clare-s-simmons - shall we tee up a time to chat? My email is bronwenjnz at gmail . com. On Skype, I’m bronjones2. Hwyl.