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I can do the 8th but not the 1st (SSIW big birthday bash). Cant do either Sunday either as I’ve got a rehearsal on the 9 for a concert on the 16th.


I’m at the 10th birthday party too, but could do the 8th.
See you there, Vikta! By the by, would you like a lift to Caernarfon?


Well I could likewise do the 8th. It would be great to pick a date that everyone could make but whether it’s ever possible is a moot point.

@vikta - Can you suggest anywhere obvious for us to meet in Soton? Might West Quay be a bit crowded? Anywhere Above Bar, or maybe even along the seafront so we could combine the meetup with a stroll? I pass thru Soton such a lot from ferry to train, but rarely stop to have a good look round.


The Red Lion Inn on High Street is a 15/16th Century Inn, if you like a bit of history…


Hi all, I’m interested in attending the next meeting in Portsmouth area. I live in Lee on the Solent and work at Portsmouth Uni, so if anyone wants to meet locally, even at lunchtimes I’m more than willing


Hi @gary-andrews, trying to get a few Solent meetings organised has not been as successful as it might have been - but that’s no reason why we shouldn’t have another try. I’m speaking to @alun-rees, whose original idea it was, and see if we can come up with a few dates.

In the meantime, you may be interested in a meeting at Havant this coming Saturday organised by CACEN (the Sussex/Hants group of SSIW) - see markwatkinprice’s post at the end of this thread:
CACEN Meetup South East England


Hi! Two rather lovely people I know will be chuffed to hear of someone who works in the Pompey Uni - mind if I alert them?
I live in Pompey, close to the Uni as it happens, although I work in Southampton. However, I don’t work on a Wednesday, so if we could meet for a lunchtime drink and a chat, I would be chuffed :slight_smile::slight_smile:. I


Brilliant by all means, let them know. I’m on leave until Monday 15the, but if you want to meet up after that, let me know and we can arrange something. Come September, when the students are back, there are bound to be some Welsh speakers amongst the freshers, I believe there is also a Portsmouth Welsh society.


Hi Folks
Thank you for the headsup AlunP. as it happens, a couple of our members are also in HE or it may be FE in Portsmouth and one of our members lives there, another in Havant. Drop me a PM and I’ll give you the address. Looking forward to meeting those who can.
Next Saturday’s meetup is another local to you - Shirrell Heath


There is a Portsmouth Welsh society run by a chap named Richard Evans, who lives in Waterlooville.


Hi Gary, I’m in Fareham!


I would be keen to meet up for a Wednesday lunchtime drink and chat. It would be very convenient as I am busy every Wednesday evening (as well as most others!).

By the way, I also work at the Uni (although not for the Uni).


How about this Wednesday coming, 31st July? PM a time and a meeting-point…?


This is from the weekly round-up from Dee:
Possible Solent meetup?

Discussions are ongoing between SSiWers who live in the general Solent area of southern England, and the latest post (as at lunchtime 29/7) suggests it might be on for this Wednesday, i.e. 31/7.

If you’re interested in meeting others in the area, have a look at Welsh Learners in the Solent Area and add your comment there.

Currently, there are three of us meeting at 1pm, on Wednesday 31 ~July in Starbucks, Guildhall Walk, in Portsmouth. So if anyone else would like to come, please feel free


How long do you think you will be there? I finish work in Fareham at 1600.


Ignore my last - I’ve just remembered I have a hair cut after work at 1645.


Not to worry Emma. It is just a lunchtime meet, at the moment, as we discovered that Steak and Eggs and I literaly work across the road from each other, and Gary S lives nearby. Though I have a feeling that this may be the acorn from which mighty oaks will grow. :grinning:


Just found this group, I live on the Island and am pleased to see I’m not the only one! Only just started on the course so will be a while before I’m up to conversations!


i was on the Island a couple of weeks ago to do parkrun at Ryde. I’m yet to have a Welsh conversation with anyone other than my computer.


For anyone who’s noticed that I keep changing the venue (now on third edit), no I’m not trying to avoid everyone, Just brain meltdown…I blame @aran