And the WINNERS of the 2018 Online Eisteddfod are:


Yes, here they are - the people chosen by you as the winners in each of our Online Eisteddfod categories. Huge congratulations to all who took part, and diolch yn fawr to those who supported the participants by voting. Without all of you there wouldn’t be an Online Eisteddfod. So without further ado:

Congratulations again, and I’ll have your certificates on their way to you as soon as I can!


Wow, HUGE congratulations everyone! What a fantastic range of talents… :slight_smile: :star: :star2: :stars:


And HUGE, HUGE diolch o galon to Dee and Dafydd for all their hard work making the Online Eisteddfod happen… :heart: :heart_decoration:


I’d like to thank my Mum, my Dad, Aran, Iestyn and the fact that no one else entered the same category as me :smiley:




the fact that no one else entered the same category as me :smiley:

It does make a difference doesn’t it.:rofl::rofl: Same thing happened to me in my first learners Eisteddfod here in Carmarthenshire. No one else was prepared to go up on stage and “Dweud eu Dweud”


Well it made winning considerably easier, but it didn’t dampen my enthusiasm! I really enjoyed it; I like to have something to aim for, some work to do, so I’ll certainly be taking part again next year!


Congrats to all the winners!

@dee I’ve just got one idea: Can I put the links to rewarded entries in your post? This would make people go to the particular entry and listen/vatch/read it one more time maybe. If you agree I’d do that for you (if you want of course) :slight_smile:


Fantastic idea @tatjana! Go ahead :slight_smile:


All done. I’ve checked the links one more time and they should be correct but if you see some mistake, let me know.

Congrats to the winners once again!


Congratulations to all the winners! It was really hard to choose, all the entries were really well done! Llongyfarchiadau! Da iawn pawb! :star: :tada: :champagne: :trophy:


Hmm … I expected you to participate but I can’t figure out did you or not. :slight_smile:


Diolch @tatjana! I think we need to co-opt you into the ‘Gorsedd’ for next year’s eisteddfod!


I don’t know how much of a use I’d really be. :slight_smile:


Oh I’m sure I could think of tasks for you :wink:



Let’s see next year. :slight_smile:


@tatjana I was extremely disappointed that I could not participate this year. I had a very stressful situation to deal with during that time period, and I had no time or energy left over to write anything for the Eisteddfod. It’s just too bad both things happened at the same time! :frowning_face:


Sorry to hear that Anna. Like Tatjana I was a little surprised not to see an entry from you this year, as you did so well in previous years. Fingers crossed all will be well for you in next year’s Eisteddfod. We were late running this one due to various things, but hopefully we’ll be back on time again next year.


@dee Thanks so much for your kind words. I’ve participated in every Eisteddfod Ar-Lein since I started learning in May 2015. So it was hard to accept that this year I just couldn’t do it. I’m already looking forward to next year! :slight_smile:


I’m also sorry to hear you had troubled time. Hopefully it will alll be better and you’ll be able to participate next year.

You are a star, @AnnaC, really. I’m learning for about 5 years, but apart for that rather poor photo entry last year, I didn’t gather that confidence to participate.

Pob lwc. Hope it all goes well from now on.

Tatjana :slight_smile: