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How to set up and record to an account in SoundCloud


Sh’mae Helen. It has indeed worked and takes us to your recording on Soundcloud.

Your link indicates that, as I have, you have opted to keep your files private. There are two ways to share - the URL from the URL bar, and the use of the share button soundcloud%20share%20radio-button
(rather than producing my links here and confusing people, I have used images)

Either way will work :+1:


Great @Sean-O thanks for letting me know


I’ve set up my account on iPad and iPhone but there’s no record setting?

Problems with Soundcloud

Here’s some iOS advice for you
Guide to IOS Soundcloud for SSIW’ers.pdf (362.7 KB)


I am laughing reading this as I am in same boat. I am on week 7, managed to record a solo word 2 weeks ago but haven’t been able to work out how to record since! My brain hurts.:joy:


I am really struggling! Have downloaded SoundCloud onto Android phone and it won’t upload the recording. Downloaded app ontoiPad and can’t see how to record. Help please?


Hi @Ali-Rimmer, this is a document specifically for using iOS devices: Guide to IOS Soundcloud for SSIW’ers.pdf (362.7 KB)

Hopefully that will help you :slight_smile:


@angela-6 From what I understand, it’s better to use SoundCloud in a browser rather than the app for uploading. You record your voice using either the simple Voice Recorder software that comes with most devices or a simple voice recording programme that you can get from the App/Play Store, then you upload it to SoundCloud - either by selecting ‘upload to SoundCloud’ within your voice recorder if it offers that option (some do, some don’t) or by going into SoundCloud in your browser, selecting ‘Upload’ and finding the voice file you recorded.

Once you’ve done that, you can select ‘Share’ in SoundCloud, and it will give you the link you need to paste into the forum.


I’ve done it! Wasn’t so bad in the end ! Diolch!


Thanks @Deborah-SSi


I am now on week 16 of my SSIW journey. Part of my task this week was to install and record on the soundcloud app. I have a samsung phone and have downloaded and signed in to the app.
However the screen does not look like the guides, all I have at the top is the word Home.

I have found by clicking on the button at the bottom “more” that I can record. I have recorded my one word. It then gives me an option to be public or private, I have tried both. Then the option to “tap to post your recording”, it then says it has uploaded but I have no idea where it has gone!

I have no idea how to find it, and am unsure if I shouted be sharing it with the SSIW group.

Any answers/help welcome.



Hi @nicola-denman-hotmai,

I’ve just replied to you by email, and hopefully that will help. You don’t need to post anything from SoundCloud until you get to the task which asks you to record and post your sentences. Then you will be asked to put them in The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings



I do not see an option to upload on the soundcloud app on my iPhone… there is no top black bar as you show on your screenshot… where am I going wrong please


Helo Kate!

Please try the tips in this thread to see if you can get sorted:


Thanks for replying - but on my phone there is no “upload “ button.


I would show you a screenshot of my page but I don’t know how to do that either ! I feel useless!!


Hi Kate,

I have an iPhone, with SoundCloud but used a PC for my recording…(I went through the SSIW lessons before the newer courses came along where the recordings play a bigger role - so I have only used it once or twice)

However there is a short video which shows how you can record on an iPhone here

If you want to take a screenshot, press and hold the stand-by button on the side of your phone and press the dimple at the same time. This creates a photo of the screen just as if you’d taken a picture with your camera.

Rich :slight_smile:

I can’t record in soundcloud with Apple phone

I hope you get sorted. But in case not, you’re welcome to say your sentences etc to me over the phone or on Slack/Skype as an alternative. We want to make sure everyone can earn their badges even if the technology won’t cooperate!


Thanks Rich for your reply… I have somehow managed to muddle through and do a recording this afternoon - it was by no means easy tho! And I now feel quite proud to have learnt something else as well as welsh! I had to go to desktop display and also record the piece separately before uploading it to soundcloud! Anyway - I have now done it. Thanks again for your help and email… also - I ca. Do screenshot but am unsure how to include into these messages! Haha - that can be a lesson for another day ! Thanks again Kate


Oh well done Kate …you get extra points for perseverance!

To include a photo: when you are typing a reply or post there is a row of formatting type things along the top of the box you type into.

There is one in the middle with an upwards arrow - which allows you to upload. Pressing this gives you the choice of choosing an existing image from your phone - you can also take a photo. See below.,.

Rich :slight_smile: