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SSiW Online Eisteddfod 2021 WINNERS


Polls for “People’s Choice” were closed yesterday and “Celebrity judges” have been making their choices.

A big thank you to all those who took part, and to all those who supported participants by voting in the polls or expressing their appreciation here in the Forum.

Are you curious to discover 2021 winners?

This year they will not be revealed all at the same time, so you’ll need to be a little more patient!

But let’s start right away with…

2021 Eisteddfod entries - Contemporary Song
2021 Eisteddfod entries - Photography
2021 Eisteddfod entries - Visual Arts
2021 Eisteddfod entries - Monologue
2021 Eisteddfod entries - Traditional Song
2021 Eisteddfod entries - Limerick
2021 Eisteddfod entries - Recitation
2021 Eisteddfod entries - Short Poem
2021 Eisteddfod entries - Prose (post-beginner)
2021 Eisteddfod entries - Prose (beginner)
2021 Eisteddfod entries - Englyn Milwr
2021 Eisteddfod entries - Book Review

Cerddoriaeth / Music
It’s a shame there weren’t many participants, but judges Tecwyn and Rhiannon Ifan were very pleased with what they listened!

Cân Draddodiadol / Traditional Song
version of “Aberdaron” by Yr Un Hen Ddyn (Hendrik Robisch - @Hendrik)

Cân Gyfoes / Contemporary Song (People’s Choice only)
“Dw i am ddod yn gi i ti” by Wyth ar Drigain (Stuart Estell - @Stuart_y_consertina)


Llongyfarchiadau Hendrik a Stuart! :heart_eyes:


Curious??!! :joy: The suspense is killing me!! :joy:


We carry on this morning with results from the other category judged by Tecwyn and Rhiannon Ifan : Recitation.

However, it was decided to add a judges choice or special mention also for the categories originally planned as “People’s choice only”.

So a quick step back to Cân Gyfoes / Contemporary Song to announce Original composition special prize to…

“Y Dre Ger Y Lli” by Blaidd ap Gododdin (Bren Riley)!

And now, Tecwyn and Rhiannon Ifan’s choice for Adrodd / Recitation category.

Cydradd gyntaf (wel, I don’t know how to say this in English! Tied? :sweat_smile: so here goes Welsh)
Bachgen y Cymoedd (Alun Morgan - @alunmorgan)
Llanw a Thrai (Jenny Roberts)

Ail (agos): Enfys (Anne May)

Cydradd trydydd:
Iola (Helen Palmer - @h-palmer)
Rhosyn Coch (Diana Allpress - @diana-allpress)

People’s Choice:
Bachgen y Cymoedd (Alun Morgan - @alunmorgan)

Congratulations to all!


Wow! Llongyfarchiadau! Da iawn Bren!

It’s obvious that the standard of the Recitation was so high, the judges had trouble deciding between you. Da iawn chi! Well done to you all!


And now, Monolog / Monologue category!

Judge Bethan Gwanas’s choice:
“Môr a Mynydd o Mr Biggleswade” by Mrs Lloyd Rhif Tri (Cetra Coverdale Pearson - @Cetra)

People’s Choice:
“Llawdriniaeth Clun” by Deri Dee (Vicki Edmunds)

Da iawn!


Diolch yn fawr/ thank you very much!! And llongyfarchiadau/ congratulations Vicki!! :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:
I’m just trying to come to terms with the idea of Bethan Gwanas (!!) listening to us being bonkers!! Wow!! :star_struck: Thank you Bethan!!! :star_struck:


@Cetra, I know that feeling, too! In my case I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Tecwyn and Rhiannon Ifan listened to my recording and actually liked it! :star_struck: Diolch!


Wow @Hendrik!!:exploding_head: But I’m not surprised that they liked it!! :heart_eyes:


Fi hefyd! :slight_smile:


Thanks Cetra, and to everyone who voted!

The effort was apparently all too much for the 40-year-old drum machine that you hear briefly at the beginning of my track, which has now taken to having a bit of a meltdown. It needs a “holiday” (i.e. a trip to the repairer!) I think…


Ffotograffiaeth / Photography with 15 entries and 94 voters in the poll was one of the most successful categories. A strong fight until last minute for #1 position in the polls!
People’s Choice final winner is…

“Y llongddrylliad yn Cynffig” by Nidstar (Nic Humphries)

And judge Nick Treharne’s choice is…
“Priodas Mynyddoedd Cuillin, Ynys Skye” by Natur (Suzanne Arnold)

Congratulations to all!


Congratulations to all the winners, and well done to everyone who took part!


Llongyfarchiadau Cetra


Llongyfarchiadau Hendrik


A finnau :laughing:


Celf Weledol / Visual Arts has been very successful category, with a lot of entries and a lot of votes in the polls.

And now the winners!

Judge’s Gwenllian Beynon choice:
1af “Dilyw” by Gobaith (Marilyn Hames - @MarilynHames )
2il “Murmur y Môr” by Talybont (Philip Huckin)
3ydd “Cwch Y Clogwin” Pendwmpian (Siaron James - @siaronjames)

Polls / People’s Choice
“Nyddu gwlân” by Y gwlân miten (Debbie Smith)

Well done everybody!


Woohoo! Against such amazing opposition, I’ll take that!
Well done everyone!


Llongyfarchiadau! :smiley: